Student Council [ 生徒会の活動 ]



The purpose of the Student Council is to give the student body a voice within the school community. It gives students the opportunity to develop leadership skills by organizing school events and projects. We hold several events throughout the year to help fundraise money for future events. Part of the money raised from these events is donated to the secondary service trip by financially supporting the materials needed for those we help in need.

  • To give students a voice within the school community.
  • Opportunity for students to learn about democracy and leadership.
  • To be part of creating events.
How we are elected:
  • Volunteers for people who want to run for elected positions.
  • by Speech
  • Vote from the secondary students
Elected Positions (1 year term)
  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Communications Director
Members should…
  • Understand the Student Council purpose and philosophy and be enthusiastic in their role.
  • Be present, active members who attend all scheduled meetings.
  • Be effective role models for peers.
  • Follow all appropriate and necessary school procedures in relation to the organization and planning of Student Council events.
  • Maintain a high academic record.
  • Be active participants in school events.
  • Handle all tasks with maturity and in an appropriate timely manner.

Students should determine the focus for their fundraising endeavors planning monthly events in support of the cause. This information should be clearly communicated to all stakeholders within the school.


Students should ensure that all events are well organized and follow the correct procedures. Permission should be obtained, for all proposed events, from the Head of School. Details of all events should be clearly articulated to staff and students.
Events are such as :

  • Christmas events
  • High School Dances
  • Valentines Day party
  • Spirit Week
  • Halloween party
  • Movie Night
  • House Events
  • Food Drive