Welcome to Tohoku International School,

Tohoku International School is located in Sendai, Japan. It is a beautiful city located on the northern section of Japan’s main island of Honshu. The lifestyle is incredible, and the scenery is absolutely breath-taking. Sendai has embedded itself between Japan’s Pacific coast and its interior mountain ranges. Rice fields are scattered all around its city limits. It is important for me to preface my welcome with these statements in order to help capture the immense natural beauty that is part of our school’s culture.

And to top all of this off, Tohoku International School is a superb place for students to learn.

We possess a wonderful blend of talented students, supportive parents and superb teachers. Our sense of community is one of the things that make us special and unique. The learning atmosphere at TIS is simply excellent. Students and teachers interact across the school in order to solve the problems they are challenged with. It is a wonderful partnership.

If you have never visited this part of the world, I encourage you to do so. And while you are here, please visit Tohoku International School. We will help make your stay an enjoyable one. I guarantee your children will receive an excellent education.


James Steward
Head of School