Tohoku International School is authorized to teach students in the Diploma Programme (DP). Students enrolled in this programme take six courses, three of which they select to be High Level (HL) and three of which they select to be Standard Level (SL). Students have the opportunity to study the following subjects:


● English Language & Literature (HL/SL)
● Japanese B Language (HL/SL) or Self-Taught (Home/Native) Language (SL)
● Geography (HL/SL)
● Mathematics: applications and interpretation (HL/SL)
● Biology (HL/SL) or  Chemistry (HL/SL)
● Visual Arts (HL/SL) or Computer Science (HL/SL)




Resources to learn more about the DP:

DP For Parents (From IBO Website)
MEXT Introduction to the DP (Japanese)