The first steps you are taking lead you into the expansive world of an international education.
We welcome your interest in our school.

Start by getting to know TIS: knowing what it is we believe about children, teaching and learning, and the importance of an international vision. Please review our Website and brochures as a beginning. If you believe that TIS is the right school for you and your children, then we invite you to begin the application process.

Tohoku International School (TIS) is a community of learners preparing for life in an evolving global society. The school aims to provide a rigorous, international K-12 curriculum for students of all nations. English is the medium language of instruction. Tohoku International School is a day school, with no boarding facilities.

For more details, please download and read:

Download the TIS Application Form(PDF)


Make a visit to TIS if it is possible. You will learn a lot about TIS when you speak with our Team and see the school in action. If you can not visit TIS in person, please contact us for a virtual tour.


Please fill out the application for admission and email, mail or bring it to the school with all the student records, assessments, documents, and photos as described on the admission application. (On-line copy or provided by the office). Applications accepted up to 6 months in advance


The school will conduct an Application Review. We will look at all your documents and determine if we can offer a place for your child(ren). Based upon the school’s judgment of the suitability of the educational program for each prospective student and space availability, applicants are admitted throughout the year.


An in-person entrance interview will be conducted to ensure that the student’s abilities and possible EAL support needs are understood. This interview is typically about an hour in length and includes a reading, writing, speaking and mathematics component.