Tohoku International School’s Kindergarten is the foundation of your child’s educational future! Following the highly acclaimed International Baccalaureate’s Early Years Programme, our Kindergarten encourages and supports young children to become natural inquirers. Children learn language, mathematical and social skills through meaningful play and carefully designed activities, which enhances social, emotional and physical development.

In addition to the time in the homeroom Kindergarten class, students also have:

Music – 45 minutes per week
Physical Education – 90 minutes per week
Art – 60 minutes per week
Japanese – 90 minutes per week
Library – 45 minutes per week

All TIS classes are taught in English by qualified teachers from around the world. Though TIS is a small community, the school serves students from over 20 different nationalities. Students of all grades play together during recess times.

The TIS Kindergarten is a combined class for children ages 4 and 5.

New for 2020:

From the 2020-2021 School Year, Kindergarten’s length of day and fee structure has changed. The kindergarten day is from 9:00am until 1:45pm. For families who wish to keep their children at TIS for the full school day (until 3:30pm), there is an option for Full (Extended) Day. Children will have a variety of play-based learning experiences in the afternoon.


School Day Hours:

Regular Kindergarten Day: 9:00am – 1:45pm (No afternoon bus service available)
Extended Kindergarten Day: 9:00am – 3:30pm


Tuition & Fees:

One-Time Costs:

Entrance Fee: ¥300,000
Administrative Fee:      ¥15,000


Annual Fees:

Tuition: ¥550,000
Full Day Kindergarten: +¥150,000
Facility Fee: ¥120,000
Heating / Air Conditioning Fee:        ¥20,000
Bus Fee: ¥3-5,000
(depending on distance, based on afternoon bus use)


Please contact our office or check out our admissions page to learn how to enroll!


TIS 幼稚園へようこそ!



音楽  – 45分/週
体育  – 90分/週
アート  – 60分/週
日本語  – 90分/週
ライブラリ  – 45分/週












入学金: ¥300,000
事務手数料:      ¥15,000



授業料: ¥550,000
延長あり一日保育: 追加として ¥150,000
施設料: ¥120,000
冷暖房空調費:   ¥20,000
スクールバス使用料:       ¥3-5,000