Tohoku International School is a Primary Years Program inquiry-based learning environment. This provides your child the opportunities to develop their research, communication, self-management, social and thinking skills through an enriching and well-balanced academic program. Operating on a two-year cycle, the curriculum encompasses twelve Units of Inquiry. Art, Music, PE and Japanese are integrated into the each of these inquiries. Information technology skills are also woven into course work throughout the grades.

Our excellent and international teaching staff offer a safe, supportive and caring environment through which all children are given opportunities to learn and grow in a range of meaningful contexts. High levels of academic instruction are essential to our mission. Teachers engage and inspire independent learning. We value differentiation as a necessary and important component of an effective and well-managed classroom.

All students are supported and guided in their efforts to aspire to the values associated with the PYP Learner Profile that are central to our curriculum. We desire students to become lifelong learners and responsible global citizens who take action to affect positive change in the world. We promote student-centered learning as they interact and solve problems together. At TIS, we are eager for our students to be inspired, to set their own goals and to have the confidence to execute them.

This is a great place to be!